A Bachelorette Party at Folly Beach, South Carolina

If you are looking at lists of destinations for bachelorette parties then Charleston, South Carolina is on that list.

Perfect for its downtown area where bars and restaurants line King Street, historical tours, and good Southern food, there is another addition that perfects any trip – FOLLY BEACH.

Only 20-25 minutes outside of downtown Charleston, Folly Beach is close and easy to reach for a day trip.

I was part of organizing one of my best friends’ bachelorette parties and this was our conditional Day 2 or Day 3 plan. We planned it that we would go whichever day had better weather (it happened to be Day 2 of our trip), and left any activities for Day 3 flexible. We split an Uber/Lyft between a few girls, and we paid maybe $15 total after a 50% off ride promo. Think $30 total if regular priced, but the split is maybe $7 per person one way. visas for japan from us

Folly Beach was such a great destination to let loose, have fun in the sand, and it made us feel as if we could have been out of the country!

If you’re headed for a bachelorette party, make sure to include Folly Beach as part of the itinerary. Here’s what to do while there:

Get to the Beach

Every car has to come over a bridge which leads into Center Street. Have your ride drop you off at the last street at E Arctic Avenue. On the way, you will have passed many restaurants that you can think about visiting for dinner/late lunch.

At that specific corner, you will find two entrances to the beach – one under the dock and another that has stairs entering the pier and Tides Folly Beach hotel.
On the other side, you will find the beach. This is the busiest spot due to its location to bars and shops. Grab your towels and find a spot. When I visited in May, it was “busy” on the beach, but there was plenty of space for a group of 10 ladies on the sand. Get wet – the water is good enough to swim in as of April!

12019 / Pixabay

Walk Down Folly Beach Pier

I and the ladies decided to head up and down Folly Beach Pier first prior to going for swimming. But to each their own preference.

The pier allows fishing, and we saw many men out with fresh catch. It was a great place to mingle and chat with others.

The pier goes out more than 1,000 feet into the ocean and you can get amazing views of Folly Beach from the end. It is one of the best landmarks in the area so don’t miss it. The pier stays open until sunset in the wintertime and 11 pm in the summertime.

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Bar Hop

The atmosphere of Folly Beach is laid-back with happy hour deals and many seafood options. Quite different from King Street in downtown so don’t go overboard with dressing up. Many folks come straight from the beach in beach tops and bikinis/bathing suits underneath their attire.

BLU Restaurant & Bar is located right next to the pier and is the most convenient if you want to have drinks by the beach. Their prices are not that high and it seems that this is where everyone takes a stroll through, even just to eye the food.

Their food is delicious and many meals can be found for under $15.

Located across the street from the beach, you will come across many more choices. Rita’s Seaside Grill, Sand Dollar Social Club, Sugartime, Folly Beach Crab Shack, and many more line the block.

When we left the beach near 4pm, it was very busy in town. While we did not hit up every bar (we wanted to still go out for dinner and late night rooftop time), we stumbled into a few spots.

Overall, the seafood is great, it’s cheap, and you can get fishbowls!

 Prices: $15 average for entrees; $5-8 for appetizers; drinks from $1, Cocktails $7 and up.

kdbearden72 / Pixabay

Sign up for Some Sports

If you are looking to be more active, there are many sports to choose from on the beach.

Opt for a volleyball game, take a surfing lesson, or get some canoes and paddle boards out in the ocean. Rent a jet ski or go kite surfing on a windy day. You can also choose from parasailing and wave runners.  There are many shops and rental spots along the beach.

I would say the water is not optimal for snorkeling – it is green but not exactly clear that you would see anything.

Jumping waves is always easy and free!

 Prices: Parasailing for an average of $60; Jet Skis for an average of $120 for 1.5 hours.